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The Bankruptcy Bar Association has reestablished its Judicial Selection Committee so that the Association can provide its recommendations to the Fourth Circuit and a Merit Selection Panel appointed by the Fourth Circuit with respect to the candidates for the open bankruptcy judge position. Candidates for the position who wish to have their applications considered by the Committee should email their application by February 21, 2020 to the Committee's Chair, Lawrence D. Coppel, lcoppel@gfrlaw.com.

Alternatively, candidates may mail their application to Mr. Coppel in a Personal and Confidential envelope to 233 E. Redwood St., Baltimore, Maryland 21202. All applications will be considered by the Committee in confidence.

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The Maryland Bankruptcy Bar Association

The Maryland Bankruptcy Bar Association ("MBBA") established in 1988 is the premier organization in the State of Maryland for attorneys in the practice of bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring. The MBBA is committed to promoting excellence in the practice of law and the administration of justice through service, education, advocacy, and collegiality for the benefit of the profession and the community.


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Craig Palik


Lisa Y. Stevens


Brian Tucci


In addition to supplying members with up-to-date articles and new posts, the Bankruptcy Bar Association recently asked some of its members to serve as case reporters to make the membership aware of new Bankruptcy Court decisions from our district.  The case reporters are Bradley Swallow, Kristen Eustis, Marissa Lilja, and Justin Fasano. The MBBA wants to publish original articles written by members about aspects of bankruptcy law, practice and procedure. Interested? Contact Jennifer Kneeland or (703) 749-1026. Please review our guidelines for submission and publication agreement here.


Educational Material

In this section you will find written articles, case reports, outlines, and course materials from our continuing legal education seminars.

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Within our Manuals Resources section you will find manuals prepared by members of the MBBA that outline best practices and procedures relevant to our jurisdiction.

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Bankruptcy Court

A wealth of information can be found on the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland’s website, including electronic case filing, local rules and opinions.

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U.S. Trustees

Our U.S. Trustees Resources section contains helpful information and links.

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The MBBA has compiled a library of Legal Links that members may find beneficial.

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